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The Monkeys and the Capseller

The Monkeys and the Capseller Presented by Karadi Tales, performed by Stray Factory 31st Jan, 2015|4:00 Pm & 7:00 Pm| Edouard Michelin Auditorium The story revolves around Taklu who was born bald and stayed bald all his life. While trying to grow a head full of hair he discovered his love for caps. He had a variety of caps, from ... Read More »

Buffle! – ‘The Brand New Show’

This is a story by a smart trio,  combining vocals and piano, music and theatre ! The three singers, musicians, storytellers, play with words and poetry and follow their way, between songs and play, from the piano to the electric guitar, from monologue to polyphony. BUFFLE !’s show is a very special theatre experiment, fresh and surprising ! “Le grand ... Read More »

Rendez-vous mensuel: French cuisine / Indian cuisine

Dal, sambar, dosa, paratha, chicken tikka, gulab jamun… Steak-and-chips, camembert, baguette, cassoulet, éclairs with coffee: if there’s one thing that France and India definitely have in common it is the dizzying variety in their cuisine. And like the French, Indians are also known for their love of food! Nonetheless, food habits and culinary traditions from both countries are poles apart. ... Read More »

Dance: Histoires Vraies

Histoires Vraies ( True Stories ) In this contemporary dance project, the French artist Cécile Loyer weaves together the stories and the histories of dance. “Histoires Vraies” is, first and foremost, an enquiry into the origins of movement and how movements are passed on. Having been introduced to bharathanatyam, Cécile Loyer creates a melange contrasting two different traditions and their ... Read More »

AFM Awards Ceremony

The Alliance Française of Madras is pleased to organise its 1st “AFM Awards Ceremony”. The AFM students who got the best marks at the DELF A1, A2 & B1 exams during the Academic Year 2013/2014 will be awarded a “prix d’excellence” and the top scorer in the DELF B2 examination will be offered a linguistic stay of two weeks in ... Read More »

Poetry with Prakriti – Poetry Slam Contest – Dec 9

Debuted in the year 2009, the Poetry Slam contest, presented by “the Hindu Lit for Life”, provides a space to stage the art of performance poetry. The contest encourages students from various educational institutions to pick up their pens, write original poems and present them with passion, intelligence, creativity, honesty and power. The Poetry Slam Contest is open to school ... Read More »