Intercultural Training

Intercultural Trainings

Speaking the same language as your business partners is certainly an advantage but it does not address the challenges that arise as a result of  different cultural perspectives or value systems that have been shaped by national cultures.  Our intercultural trainings provide deep insights into the communication styles, mindsets and behavioral expectations of your foreign counterparts.

Themes of our most popular workshops

1/ Integrating and working in your host country: -1 day ( 9 a.m -5 p.m)

Target audience: French expatriates  and families on an assignment in India

Indian expatriates on an assignment to France

2/ Working in bi-cultural teams : – 1 day ( 9 a.m-5 p.m)

Target audience: Indian and French colleagues  who work together on projects

3/ Working effectively with the French: 1 day ( 9 a.m -5 p.m)

Target audience: Indian teams visiting France on an assignment or working virtually with the French

4/ Strategic seminars:  Country briefing and culltural values ( 2 hours)

Target audience: French business/political delegations visiting India

5/ Studying in France/India and developing intercultural competence  1 day ( 9 a.m -5 .m)

Target audience:  Students of an institution that on an exchange program

Client portfolio:

Our list of satisfied clients include Michelin India Tamilnadu Tyres, Renault Nissan, Thales, Areva, Valeo, LICET,  Société Générale, Les pays de la Loire, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of  Nantes, Fondation Alliance Francaise etc.

For further details and to organize an intercultural workshop in your company: contact: [email protected].