DELF Junior

The junior version of DELF is structured in the same way as the general DELF. Only the topics are different: the papers take into account the interests of the young. It is reserved for middel and high school pupils (of the age group 11 – 17 years) and gives right to the award of a diploma identical to the general one.

The DELF Junior comprises 4 independent diplomas corresponding to the first four levels of the CEFRL: from A1 to B2. Each candidate, according to his/her level, can register directly for the desired examination with no prerequisites.

For each level, the 4 skills are assessed: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Kindly Note: DELF December session registration dates 25th October – 13th November

The below-mentioned scheduled dates has been rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Registration fees 2021

A1 & A2      AF Students INR 4,500 + 18% GST     Non-AF Students INR 7,500 + 18% GST

B1 & B2      AF Students INR 5,000 + 18% GST     Non-AF Students INR 9,500 + 18% GST

To register

  • Download the registration form DELF Juniors December 2021 session. Click here
  • Read the “Rules and regulations governing DELF and DALF examinations” on pages 2 to 5 for the form.
  • Print, fill in and sign both documents
  • Bring both documents at Alliance Française of Madras’ reception, along with 2 passport size photos and your payment by cash, Credit card, bank transfer or local Bank Cheque payable to Alliance Française of Madras.

Preparing the exam

  • The Alliance Française of Madras does not organize any specific preparation courses for DELF Junior exams. General French classes are strongly recommended.
  • To discover or/and get trained to the exam, you can download some exam samples
  • You can also purchase the following official textbooks for preparation from the reception of AF Madras:
  1. DELF Junior A1: “Réussir le DELF A1” (Didier)
  2. DELF Junior A2: “Réussir le DELF A2” (Didier)


Results for 2021 sessions :

August 2021