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French for adults

French for adults

Our General French courses for adults are open to all, starting from the age of 16. Their objective being to prepare you to live and/or communicate in a French-speaking environment. Whether you wish to get started or get better in French, you will find a course suited to your level among those we offer, from level 1 (beginners) to level 5 (advanced).

To suit your availability, the Alliance Française of Madras offers you a choice of 2 types of courses: regular, evening and intensive.


Weekly frequency

5 x 2hrs (week days classes)
2 x 3hrs (week-end classes)
5 x 2hrs (week days classes)

5 x 4hrs (week days classes)
2 x 6hrs (week-end classes)

Number of weeks

16 (week days classes)
27 (week-end classes)

4 (week days classes)
7 (week-end classes)

Total number of hours 160hrs (levels 1 and 2)
200hrs (levels 3 and 4)
240hrs (level 5)
80hrs (levels 1.1, 1.2 & above)

80hrs (levels 1.1, 1.2 & above)

Number of students
per batch (mini-maxi)
15 – 25 10-15

5 – 10

For exact days, time schedules, dates and fees for our courses, refer to our Course details (updated monthly).

To have an overview of our General French Courses structure, click hereafter: General French courses structure

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