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IndiEarth OnScreen

This music edition of IndiEarth Onscreen is an inspiring collection of films that showcase the candid side of sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar, traveling Sufi musicians across the length & breadth of India, and international music collaborations in Bangladesh! Film: RAVI SHANKAR (India) Filmmaker: Pramod Pati // 27 mins // Language: English // 1974// B&W Genre: Bio, Music Documentary From ... Read More »

ARTIES FESTIVAL INDIA – a French Classical Music Concert

Come and join us for an exceptional evening of French classical music brought to you by The Alliance Française of Madras in collaboration with ARTIES and BNP PARIBAS. Fauré, Ravel, Rameau and Franck will be played by 5 members of a larger collective of musicians who perform regularly around the globe. This will be our first collaboration with the Arties ... Read More »

Bharata Natyam Dance – Heavenly Illumination by Tanjore Quartet

Heavenly Illumination is an artistic spiritual journey, a united arts exhibition of the avant-garde and unique authentic classical Tanjore Quartet master school of Bharata Natyam. Musical and choreographic creation of the authentic school is shaped to a classical and contemporary performance with the signature of artists, the brothers Ram Kishna and Suresh Kishna. The Tala (rhythmical time measurement of music) and Laya (the different tempo’s) ... Read More »

Piano Masterclass & Concert by Marouan Benabdallah

Not yet thirty, acclaimed pianist Marouan Benabdallah is indisputably the leading representative of his native Morocco on the international concert stage. With a musical heritage deeply rooted in the Hungarian tradition, Marouan received his formal training at the Béla Bartók Conservatory and the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, and in 2008, was presented with the Medal of the Hungarian Parliament for his ... Read More »

Music & Live Drawing – “On les aura !” / Line of Fire

“ON LES AURA !” is the onstage adaption of a graphic novel based on the diary of a World War 1 French soldier.It’s an exciting performance including music, speech, and live sketching projected on screen. The anonymous diary describes the beginning of the war when all were convinced they would be soon victorious. The text relates the mostly rural everyday life of the ... Read More »

Soirée littéraire – With Swiss francophone author, Pascal Kramer & Prof. Martin Mégevand

Martin Mégevand From 1990 to 1994, Martin Mégevand worked at the Delegation for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Geneva. This experience inspired him to include in one of his researches the link between violence in history and literature with a focus on French and Francophone Literature of the second half of the twentieth ... Read More »

Rendez-vous mensuel

Come discover and discuss French culture and customs, current events and society trends in France, at the Alliance Française of Madras with native French speakers! Topic of the month: THE FRENCH EDUCATION SYSTEM Education is given top priority in France – so much so that it is the biggest sector of Government spending. Even today, the French system is considered one ... Read More »

Theatre – L’Homme Semence / The Seed Giver by Estelle Guihard

In French with English surtitles Since its creation in October 2011 in our auditorium, this play has met with a growing success. After a tour across several cities in India, another one is set for France. The Alliance Francaise welcomes again the troupe ETOILE DU SUD for a residency between the 3rd and the 8th of March and staging of a new version ... Read More »

Ciné-Club – Pièces montée / The Wedding Cake

Pièces montée / The Wedding Cake 2010 |Col.|95 min|Comedy|Director: Denys Granier-Deferre In French with English subtitles It’s a joyful day for some, painful for others; in any case, it’s a decisive and unforgettable day for all; one that will quickly become the “hour of truth”, for all generations combined. Entry free Read More »