DELF Junior

LogoDELF-DALFThe junior version of DELF is structured in the same way as the general DELF. Only the topics are different: the papers take into account the interests of the young. It is reserved for middel and high school pupils (of the age group 11 – 17 years) and gives right to the award of a diploma identical to the general one.

The DELF Junior comprises 4 independent diplomas corresponding to the first four levels of the CEFRL: from A1 to B2. Each candidate, according to his/her level, can register directly for the desired examination with no prerequisites.

For each level, the 4 skills are assessed: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

DELF Junior Schedule for 2014




DELF Junior A1

13 June 2014

19 September 2014

12 December 2014

DELF Junior A2

12 June 2014

18 September 2014

11 December 2014

DELF Junior B1

11 June 2014

17 September 2014

10 December 2014

DELF Junior B2

10 June 2014

16 September 2014

9 December 2014

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Results of the previous DELF Junior Sessions:

December 2013

June 2014

September 2014