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Date(s) - 08/08/2015
7:00 pm

Edouard Michelin Auditorium - Alliance Francaise of Madras


IMG (126)A play in Thamizh with music and movement

Rohini, Revathy Kumar & Nellai Manikandan

Sets: C P Krishnapriya & V P Vasuhan Lights Dr C Raveendran

Text, Design & Direction: Prasanna Ramaswamy

The play revisits the mahabharatha episode of the disrobing of Panchali. Taking off from the cue from the source text that Panchali is the embodiment of nature itself, the imposed violation is recalled with rage and related to the continuum of the atrocity through literary characters, historical happenings and the contemporary events. It is simultaneously interpreted as the atrocities committed to the environment by greed which manifests in War and the resultant dislocation. The elements are evoked and celebrated yet interrupted by the disharmony of the reality. Worked like an Operatta where the sequences are built on music and moved through dance, a lingo of movement evolved from energies of the performing traditions, the punctuations are marked through the transition of the lead actor from different states of being, that of a person, actor and character. With Rohini, Revathy Kumar and Nellai Manikandan on stage, Set material created by Artists Krishnapriya and Vasuhan, the show is lit by Dr C Raveendran. Drawing from the source texts from Subrahmanya Bharathy, Muthuswamy dikshithar, Sukumaran, Cheran, Avvai, Tirumavalavan, Ahilan and her own writing, Prasanna Ramaswamy has arranged the text, design and directed the play.

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