Danse Dialogues – Cette Immense Intimité / This Huge Intimacy

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Date(s) - 16/04/2014
7:30 pm

Buddha Garden, Express Avenue Mall


“Cette immense intimité” is a site specific solo that requires the dancer to perform in a public space (outdoor or indoor), on a 20-meter-high wall which surface serves as a screen on which images are shown and transformed live. The female dancer uses an elastic rope to sway up and down the wall, as well as across it. This plane, which has never recorded a step, this free space in town, invisible, is the site of a sensory and gravitational experience for spectators. Body and images become one.Choosing to present a solo is asserting the performance’s singularity and questioning the body in suspension in its relation to a wall. Thanks to a technical system, these perceptions, usually subtle and personal, are made obvious for everyone to see and the choreography finally emerges from images and moves combined. The Méta-Mallette (software developed by PUCE MUSE) provides an intimate link of causality between dance and image in the service of the «narration». Images do not create a double or a partner for the performer. They are born out of her sensations. She dances in the projection of her inner experience.

We invite you to Buddha Garden (Express Avenue Mall) to watch this truly exceptional and unique choreography of aerial beauty. Let your imagination take over. You do not want to miss this ride for the world…

“This Huge Intimacy” is the third and last performance of the Danse Dialogues Festival 2014. Learn more about the two other events: “Les Lecteurs/The Readers” and “Stranger in Indian Paradise.”

On invitation onlyPasses available at Alliance Française, nº24 College Road

By Fabrice Guillot, realized with the complicity of Olivia Cubero — solo performed by Olivia Cubero — screened images transformed live by Fabrice Guillot — Software META-MALETTE developed by PUCE MUSE — Music by FM Einheit, Woven Hand.

More information about Compagnie Retouramont.


Produced by County council of Moselle, Dancin’Oxford Festival /England, Grand Théâtre of Lorient, Theatre of Cachan. Logistic support MTD of Épinay-sur-Seine and Avant Rue/Friches Théâtre urbain. Partly funded by grants to aid artistic research from the Bureau of Music, Dance, Theatre and Performing Arts of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the county council of Val de Marne, the county council of Essonnne Supported by the SACD / DMDTS writting grant «Ecrire pour la rue 2009» and SACD grant «Auteurs d’Espace Public» 2011. Sponsored by Mur Mur, BEAL and PETZL

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