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Rendez-vous mensuel

Type: Event
Location: Alliance française’s library
City: Chennai
Date: Sat, 2013/03/02 – 10:30am
Price: All are welcome / Open entry!
Category: Other
Duration: 90 mins

Come, discover and discuss French culture and customs, current events and society trends in France, at the Alliance Française of Madras with native French speakers!

This month’s topic: “L’égalité des sexes” / “Gender equality”

In the last  fifty years, the status of women has dramatically evolved  in many countries around the world. Today, gender equality is at the heart of most social debates.

How do you go about finding a balance between men and women in today’s society? What would you consider to be the desirable and necessary changes in the countries that have not yet achieved a true gender equality? What role does education play in changing the  attitudes of people?
This discussion will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives on the theme of gender equality in India and in France. The discussion will be further supported by recent articles in Indian and French  newspapers.