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Art Exhibition : Painting India by Caroline Dantheny

Caroline Dantheny studied art and fashion, launching women’s fashion collections under her own name, then creating costumes and unique pieces before devoting herself to painting. Jean-François Lesage grew up among the gold threads and glass beads of France’s most revered embroidery workshop. Built by his father François Lesage, the House of Lesage symbolised the highest craftsmanship in fashion, providing embroideries ... Read More »

Digital Dance Performance : Hakanai

Linking digital and performing arts, this 40-minute solo performance will enchant Indian audiences with what art and technology can do when they work hand-in- hand. For the first time, Indian dancer Priyabrata Panigrahi will be trained by French dancer Virginie Barjonet to interpret this choreography. The training session, from May to November 2017, will transmit the capacity to interact with ... Read More »