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About VAST

How the human body carries in itself the memory of the Vast? How beyond ruptures, oppressions, and connements – has nostalgia of Nature and Vastness.

This is the story of a young boy from Nepal who has been snatched from his family and home in the Himalaya Mountains. Kidnapped and abused, he now lives in a slum in a big city in India. He is all alone in the world, stiing in his small room. Beyond connement and misery, he tries, day after day, to nd in his body a door that opens to the Vast, a path to his Himalaya, Nature, and his own unlimited nature. An encounter with a strange character will help him on his journey. This is the god Hanuman, with monkey and human features, who is heroic, wise, and full of humour.


Thierry Moucazambo – Born in Reunion Island, France. Actorstoryteller, dancer, singer, multi faceted performer.
Gopal Dalami – Dancer & performer, Born in Delhi, India. Of Nepalese origin. Trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and aerial acrobatic.

Director and choreographer:

Philippe Pelen Baldini – France. Co-Founder with Thierry of International Talipot Theatre and then the Water Carriers Company.


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