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Pasteur, Life, Death & Beyond | Book launch on 8th Oct. 2020 at 6:30 pm

Pasteur, Life, Death & Beyond

A conversation between Erik Orsenna (French writer & Academician) & Dr Srinivas V. Kaveri (Director of the CNRS Office in New Delhi)

Date: 8th October, 2020 at 06:30 pm

Conversation with Erik Orsenna, Dr Srini V. Kaveri (Director, CNRS office in India), Jaya Bhattacharji Rose (Literary critic & Co-founder at Ace Literary Consulting), Amutharasan Paulraj (publisher) and Dr Vengada Soupraya Nayagar (translator). The conversation will be moderated by Dr Christine Cornet.

Louis Pasteur’s legacy

Louis Pasteur was one of the most important characters of the 19th century in France. He is remembered of course for the development of the first vaccines and the process of “pasteurisation to kill germs”. But his works are very diverse. He contributed for example to demonstrate the germ theory of disease, which at the time was disrupting the belief about the question of the origin of life.

Pasteur’s legacy continues to resonate today, when the whole world is looking for a vaccine against CoVid-19. The Institut Pasteur is a major actor in this research.

And did you know that Pasteur lent his name to Pasteur Institute in India? It was created in Coonoor in 1907 and is today one of the leading institutes in the production of vaccines, including anti rabies vaccines.

There is no better storyteller than Erik Orsenna to bring us the different aspects of Pasteur’s personality. Actually, Erik Orsenna, who is a member of the French Academy (Académie Française) sits in Pasteur’s chair at the Academy in Paris.

Erik Orsenna is an explorer. Even if Pasteur is the famous father of microbiology and immunology, in this book, Orsenna paints the portrait of a man who struggles all his life against death. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic the book is a message of hope. Erik Orsenna, Ambassador of the international Pasteur Institutes world network & the book reminds us of the long history of scientific cooperation between India and France.  The Institut Pasteur in India was established in 1907 in Tamil Nadu.


Book Launch in India

Pasteur, La Vie, la mort, la Vie translated from French into Tamil today is a fascinating biography of Louis Pasteur that reads like a novel.

Students from the network of Alliances Françaises in India and IFI Jaipur can now access the original French version in Culturethèque, our e-library: La vie, la mort, la vie.

Tamil Translation

Tamilian readers can access the Tamil translation of Pasteur: La vie, la mort, la vie by Erik Orsenna. It is published by Thadagam with the support of PAP Tagore, our Publication Assistance Programme. This Programme supports publishers throughout the world who wish to add francophone authors, thinkers, intellectuals in their catalogues via translations.

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