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Chennai Storytelling Festival 2013

Type: Event City: Chennai Date: Fri, 2013/02/01 – 10:00am Price: Open to all Welcome! Chennai Storytelling Festival 2013 — Teaching and Learning about Storytelling. 1-3 Feb, Fri-Sun.   For more information, please visit : www.storytellinginstitute.org Read More »

What is a cloth book?

Type: Event Location: Edouard Michelin Auditorium – AFM City: Chennai Date: Fri, 2012/11/30 – 7:30pm Price: Open to all Category: Conference Duration: 90 min The ALLIANCE FRANCAISE of MADRAS and  TARA BOOKS invite you to ‘What is a cloth book?’ A Conference with Louise-Marie Cumont, a French artist   With a presentation by Gita Wolf, Publisher, Tara Books. Discover how to create unique contemporary books for children using traditional applique ... Read More »