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A common man. A government official. A public space. A casual act of forgetting. An ordinary errand. A tiny bit of paper and a bit of drama.   Read More »

Waiting for Him

Oh God! Quid pro quo is from their own account a young and vibrant Theatre group on the streets of Chennai, aiming to provide quality theatre with a local flavour to it. Comprised of boys and girls with more or less experience, the group started in May 2012 and has produced some 5 shows so far. They performed two of ... Read More »

Blabber Mouth

Love. Lies. Lust. Deceit. Betrayal. Murder. Often… A word can be enough… Otherwise you could be labelled a blabbermouth! Vinod Anad, the director of “Blabber Mouth”, had entered the play last year but, unfortunately, he was forced to cancel only two days before tech rehearsal. When the festival’s organizers saw how passionate he was about this play, they invited him ... Read More »

How to Drink a Coffee

A guide on deciphering the intricacies coffee moments and relationships. Aswin Rao is a standup comedian with evam and has performed many times at the Alliance Française of Madras. But it is his first time as an actor here. He finds S+S format very interesting because we can see all kinds of performing arts getting together on the stage. John ... Read More »

Heavenly Baddie

No sin will go unpunished. Unless… Chennai Drama House is a Tamil theatre group created in 2008 by several friends who have been sharing a common passion for theatre since they first met at school. The group has already taken part in the Short + Sweet festival last year and their play made it to the finals. Chennai Drama House ... Read More »

Kichadi Life

A visit from a childhood friend rekindles in a woman the memories of the past. They have moved apart due to the time lapse. A personal space connects them despite time. As she sets out to explore that space, TIME wraps!! This play is based on a short story written in both English and Tamil. Most of the cast members ... Read More »

The Man Who was Music

Adam is an accomplished world-renowned violonist. On the day of his performance, for the last time, he recounts his tale of the person who shaped his life and career. Thespian En was founded in 1994 by Creative Director Ajit Chitturi under the auspices of theatre veteran Mohammed Yousuf. The aim was to provide more and better theatre. The group has ... Read More »

Saathur Santhipu

Shankar and Chandru travelling on a train encounter a strange co-passanger. Who is he and what is his business with them? Although this bunch does not belong to any group, some have worked with renowned Tamil theatre group koothu-p-pattarai, with which Sanjit took classes. Most of them are freelancers, full-time actors for many years and several work in the film ... Read More »


If something bad happens, you drink to forget; if something good happens, you drink to celebrate; and if nothing happens, you drink to make something happen. An alcohol induced triangle that meanders through failures and realizations. Only the director, Smrithi Amarendran, is part of Caricatture Productions, a Chennai based theatre group that she initiated in 2009. She met the actors ... Read More »