Friday , 27 May 2016

Organization Chart

The entire administration team is attentive to the needs of those who frequent the Alliance Française. We are available to all those who want to learn French language and get acquainted with the French culture, and are open to dialogue with institutional or private partners, including artists and project creators.

Director: Pierre-Emmanuel JACOB
E-mail ID: director[at]

Course Director: Sarah BELRHALI
E-Mail ID: coursedirector[at]

Admin Manager: Pradeep PETER
E-mail ID: admin[at]

Accountant: S. BINDHU
E-mail ID: accounts[at]

Course Counsellor: Suchitra RAVI
E-mail ID: coursecounsellor[at]

Translation Cell Head: Anou GERALDINE
E- Mail ID:  translation.afmadras[at]

Cultural & Communication Coordinator: Chitra MURALI
E-mail ID : culture.madras[at]

Head Librarian: S. SHARATH
E-mail ID: librarian[at]

Librarian: Mary Aishwariya MANOHARAN
E-mail ID: librarian[at]

Senior Receptionist: B. SUJATHA
E-mail ID: reception[at]

Receptionnists: Vijayalakshmi GANESH and P. Kamaleshwari
E-mail ID: reception[at]

Maintenance Head: Parthasarathy S
E-mail ID: maintenancehead[at]

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