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Here, you can find general information about what is going on at the Alliance Française of Madras.

Information session: Curriculum Vitae and Statement of Purpose

CampusFrance along with ESIGELEC is conducting an information session on effective Curriculum Vitae and Statement of Purpose writing on the 24th of September at 5 pm at the Alliance Française of Madras. Please note that entry is free and open to all. This session would be useful for prospective students as well as candidates applying for various employment positions. Read More »

A new Director for the Alliance Française of Madras

Mr Pierre-Emmanuel Jacob has taken up his post as new Director of the Alliance Française of Madras on the Tuesday 9th of September 2014. He comes in as a successor to Mr Benoit Olivier. Mr P.E.J hails from Noisy-Le-Sec, a city near Paris where he was Director of Cultural Affairs and holds degrees from both the French Political Science Institute ... Read More »

Rendez-vous mensuel – Several languages for one country

A monthly discussion with native French Speakers Saturday, June 7, 2014 2 sessions: 10.30 am to 12.00 pm and 2.30pm to 4.00 pm @Alliance Francaise’s Media Library One saturday a month, The Alliance Francaise of Madras hosts ‘Rendez-vous mensuel’, an informal discussion in French on a previously defined topic. Take the opportunity to discover and discuss French culture and customs, ... Read More »


Anne Paceo Join us on September 20, at 7:30 at the Museum Theater, Egmore, and seize the opportunity to discover an exceptional quality show of jazz music ! Free entry and open to all ! Anne Paceo is an award-winning artist. Only 29, she has already received a ‘Victoire de la Musique’ and a ‘Django d’or’, played in many festivals ... Read More »


  Teachers and administration of the Alliance Française of Madras bid farewell to Benoit Olivier, who has come to the end of his tenure as Director. Read More »

Code Coromandel

CODE COROMANDEL Code Coromandel is an intricate story which is a motivation and an inspiration. If the colours of the Coromandel lacquer are ever-changing and seductive, its history is the result of a misunderstanding. European merchants of the XVII century thought these objects, bartered on this coast of India, were made locally, when they were actually from China, only passing ... Read More »

Tech-no-logic Progress

Deepak Hariharan and Sunaina Mudaliar acted in 2 plays this year, Eternally Yours by Sunaina Mudaliar and Tech-no-logic: Progress, directed by Adarsh Satish and written by Deepak Hariharan according to whom the title says it all ! Representing Bangalore in Chennai’s chapter of the Short + Sweet festival are Adarsh Satish, Deepak Hariharan and Sunaina Mudaliar from a.g.n.i. Theatre. Their ... Read More »

Take Two

In Take Two, a couple discovers that reconciliation can be tricky – especially when a prenup is involved. Those three met only three weeks before the show! Although Smrithi Parameswar and Srikanth Pingali are part of different theatre groups – Chennai Drama House for the former and The Little Theatre for the latter, they had fun getting to know each ... Read More »

A Typist with Destiny

In A Typist with Destiny, two bumbling clerks are in the process of gravely re-writing history. Or is it so? StrayFactory was created in 2010 by 5 friends who create original works as much as possible. To this day, they have written and produced some 16 plays just for the Short + Sweet Festival, in which they truly enjoy taking ... Read More »

Shofu Slaves

Where does comfort lie in a war? Theatre Nisha was formed in the year 2000 in order to tackle scripts and subjects that reflect a sense of social responsibility and adheres to the sensitivity of society. The group is also involved in working with schools, colleges, special schools and corporates to infuse the dynamism of theatre in their working. It ... Read More »