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Musico-pictorial Concert

Type: Event
Location: Alliance Française of Madras No. 24 College road Nungambakkam, Chennai 600006
City: Chennai
Date: Mon, 2013/04/15 – 7:00pm
Price: Open to all, Free entry
Category: Concert



Accompanied by Anaka in song, Manosh Bardhan on Tabla and Matt Littlewood on saxo soprano, Jacky Mouvillat invites you to a musical journey through this rare and wonderful instrument, the Chapman Stick. At the opening act of the concert, a live display on transparent plexiglas by Anaka is created. Extracts or inspirations from Indian thinkers, poets, and writers will be written in French, using the process of mirrored-writing live before the audience on the back of a transparent plexiglas.

About Anaka

Anaka was born in Paris in 1965. She has lived in Haute Savoie for 25 years. As a visual artist, she has been exhibiting her work since 2001. Her artistic journey through writing flourished after her encounter with the transparent nature of Plexiglas, which has the peculiarity of showing in the foreground that which was originally painted.

Anaka runs creative workshops with school children. She also works with adults in her workshops at Servoz, and shares her knowledge on original techniques for developing creativity. She regularly creates performances based on a live demonstration of mirrored writing on large plexiglas formats, where live music and colourful calligraphy feed each other.

About Jacky Mouvillat

Jacky Mouvillat is passionate about form, music, aesthetics and apart from vocals, he plays various instruments: the accordion, guitar, sousaphone, tuba, and bass. In 2001, after returning from a three-year tour across Europe with a troupe of street artists, he decided to devote himself to the creation of  music through the fabulous “Chapman Stick”. His encounters with Emmett Chapman, inventor of the instrument and Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel) influenced his desire to explore and develop ideas and share them with his fellow musicians and sensitive audience.

The Chapman Stick is a rare instrument of 10 or 12 strings between the lute of the troubadour and Jimi’s guitar. Being an instrument which is of something between the piano and the guitar, it helps develop a two-handed piano technique. Its sensitivity to touch invites one to express the spirituality of the soul. As there are no established techniques and references, everything becomes possible:  the percussive and crystalline sound makes you want to share music that comes from the heart and stomach.

“I feel profoundly that I am a citizen of the world, I need to go every year to encounter other cultures, Asia, Africa, America. This year, I played and recorded my music in India with Indian musicians …” –Jacky Mouvillat

16th April, 2pm – 4pm

Workshop on Backward-painting & mirrored writing on plexiglas with Anaka and Jacky 

Production of a creative workshop for children and adults with an introduction to mirrored writing and backward painting on a original meduim, the plexiglas. To stay within the musico-pictorial theme of the performances, participants are invited to write “their own” personal phrase or one inspired by a thinker, poet or philosopher … This sentence is then reproduced on a round plexiglas.

Smaller formats will be available for children.

The creations are then hung and exposed all day, and then returned to their creators at the end of the day.

At the same time,  musician Jacky Mouvillat present his instrument, the Chapman Stick, and will answer questions.

For registration, contact:  communication@af-madras.org  


Alliance Française of Madras
No. 24 College road
Nungambakkam, Chennai 600006