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Histoires Vraies – Contemporary dance – Dec 20 & 21

Histoires Vraies

( True Stories )

20th & 21st December 2014 | 7:30 pm | Edouard Michelin Auditorium, Alliance Française of Madras


In this contemporary dance project, the French artist Cécile Loyer weaves together the stories and the histories of dance.

Histoires Vraies” is, first and foremost, an enquiry into the origins of movement and how movements are passed on. Having been introduced to bharathanatyam, Cécile Loyer creates a melange contrasting two different traditions and their use of the body.
On the stage, 2 Indian dancers and 2 European dancers turn themselves into witnesses and narrators of their own stories. This bizarre, often funny, chaos of gestures narrates our  ‘collective history’ and tries to capture the essence of what dance is  and to see whether movements, gestures and signs can help us discover other versions of historyless tangible but more moving ?