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THEATER – My Name Is Cine-Ma


Stray Factory presents My Name is Cine-Ma Written and Directed by Mathivanan Rajendran Cast: Pooja Devariya, Venkatesh Harinathan, Ajay Ayyappan, Rajiv Rajaram, Sandeep John ”The play is a tribute to the love and innocence of every audience member who has watched, loved and been moved by South indian Cine-ma” – Mathivanan Rajendran – This year we celebrate 100 years of ... Read More »


Nimmy Raphel in Nidravathwam

Adishakti presents Nidrawathwam Scripted, Directed and Performed by Nimmy Raphel We meet up with Kumbakarna and Laxmana on the battlefield where they discuss the unfortunate consequences of their respective boons, until the fatal end. Kumbakarna and Lakshmana, brothers each to the two protagonists of the Ramayana, are connected by boons that dramatically alter their cycles of sleep and wakefulness. In ... Read More »

THEATRE – PURUSH Festival 2013

Vinay Kumar in 'The Tenth Head'

Adishakti presents The Tenth Head (Ravana) Directed by Veenapani Chawla Scripted & Performed by Vinay Kumar   In the Ramayana, Ravana the King of Lanka, kidnaps the protagonist’s wife Sita in an act of revenge and with the intention of provoking a war. Their individuality is limited to each representing one of the nine emotions/ bhavas, from the traditional Indian ... Read More »