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 Every month, Ciné-Club of the Alliance Française of Madras screens two movies,
in French, with English subtitles.
It’s FREE and open to ALL !!
Take a look at the schedule and join us at the Edouard Michelin Auditorium.

Passes available on eventjini.com

This month, the two movies screened are LES MALHEURS DE SOPHIE & TOUT EN HAUT DU MONDE

See the details and the trailers below:


Director: Christophe Honoré

2015 | 1h45min | Comedy

December 7th : 7 pm | December 10th : 5 pm

Synopsis :

Living inside her castle, little Sophie yearns for the forbidden and what she likes the most is kicking up trouble with her cousin Paul. When their parents decide to go to the US, Sophie is delighted. A year later, she returns to France with a horrible mother-in-law, Madam Fichini.


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Director: Rémi Chayé

2015 | 1h20min | Animation

December 10th : 7 pm | December 14th : 7 pm

Synopsis :

It is late 19th century in St. Petersburg. Sasha, a young girl belonging to the Russian aristocracy, is fascinated by her grandfather, Oloukine, who vanished during a trip aboard the Davaï. Keen to prove that her grandfather did not disappear, but in fact succeded the mission, Sasha leaves with a team to conquer the far north.


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