Campus France

Campus FranceFrance enjoys a reputation as a land of art and culture, but it is also the world’s fourth-largest industrial power and a leading exporter. France’s leadership in scientific and technological innovation – and its achievements in areas as diverse as space, transportation, electronics, telecommunications, chemistry, biotechnology, and health are the product of its research capacity. The many Nobel Prizes and Field medals awarded to French scientists are evidence of that capacity. France is open to the world but also deeply committed to building Europe – economically, socially and culturally.

Each year France devotes more than 23 percent of the entire national budget to education. The government protects that substantial investment in France’s future by closely monitoring the quality of instruction and the soundness of the curriculum leading to the diplomas.

With more than 170,000 international students, France is one of the world’s leading providers of international education.

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For more details, we invite you to check out Campus France’s web site at http://www.india-campusfrance.org. It provides a number of valuable information and will certainly help you if you intend to study in France.